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Wildlife conservation lies at the heart of everything I could have wished to achieve through my photography. It is not about how well I capture a moment, as it is that the moment captures my soul. However, I find myself ever more trapped between being in awe of and fearing for the future of my subjects. 

Photography has developed as a powerful medium to empower conservation. Conservation photography combines nature photography with the proactive, issue-oriented approach of documentary photography as an agent for protecting nature and improving the biosphere and natural environment. It furthers environmental, wildlife, habitat and cultural conservation by expanding public awareness of issues and stimulating remedial action. I firmly believe that wildlife photographers with a deep love and respect for nature produce the best images.


I never imagined when I launched “Rise Up For Elephants” that it would become an integral part of my life journey. It has enriched me in many ways and none more so, than sharing in the joy of connecting human orphans with elephant orphans.

“Most orphaned children have never seen an elephant, but through

a fundraising campaign from Michael North Imagery, these children

now understand that they are not the only orphans needing love

and protection. Rise Up For Elephants plays a vital role in opening the

hearts of the next generation to its wildlife heritage.”

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Rise Up For Elephants has raised over $210,000 for elephant conservation and has enjoyed the support of late Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick with the Orphans For Orphans fundraiser and Dr. Jane Goodall who hosted the STEP Up For Elephants fundraiser. Dr. Jane Goodall also wrote the foreword of the book, "Rise Up For Elephants" , and the proceeds were donated to PAMS in the memory of Wayne Lotter.


I have purposely chosen to support elephant conservation because they are precariously perched at the edge of time. Within us they have sowed the seeds of love that they unwittingly nurture whenever we are in their presence. They have enriched our lives and in them we have discovered the illusive part of our souls. They instill an eternal peace deep within us that we have never experienced before and it serves as inspiration to serve their plight with humility and to inspire others to take up the challenge. If we can save this species, we may be able to stave off mass extinction across many species.


We must ensure that humankind finds the strength to save the dwindling islands of elephant that remain. Every voice makes a difference and each person reaching out brings us closer together. Our children, in time to come, will never forgive us if one day there were no elephants left for them to love.

Please follow Rise Up For Elephants on Facebook to learn more about how ordinary people are doing extra-ordinary things to benefit elephant conservation. 


"No one could make a greater mistake than he

who did nothing because he could only do a little."

Edmund Burke

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